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Printing theory. Non-magnetic carousel color toner. Part 4

The carousel color type is another type of the printing engine, which is different from the single-pass type.  Single-pass systems are more expensive to produce than the carousel system. And they are. Since there’s a separate laser scanner in the single-pass systems and each individual cartridge has all the associated security. And there’s only one for each cartridge in the carousel system. Maybe it is not as complicated as a single-pass system, but the process still includes quite a few interesting things to look at. All cartridges, and there are four of them, are being held by the carousel. It rotates depending on which cartridge is needed at the moment. While the technology is developing, this kind of a system is usually used in cheaper printers. For example, HP CLJ 1500 and 2500 are pretty similar to the HP CLJ 4500, but the first ones are more advanced. Continue reading Printing theory. Non-magnetic carousel color toner. Part 4

Printing theory. Part 1 – Magnetic toner

Throughout the years we have provided lots of information about cartridges and printing, which we have found in different sources like service and training manuals from original equipment manufacturers, patents and more. Almost everything that we’ve found we gave to you, but, nevertheless, there are things that haven’t been mentioned. If you want to remanufacture your cartridge it is not necessary for you to know the cartridge theory, but if there’s a problem you want to troubleshoot then you’ll take advantage of knowing the theory. If you are able to find and repair a problem with your new cartridge fast and right, it is invaluable. Continue reading Printing theory. Part 1 – Magnetic toner