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What to do if your printer smudges the paper?

What shall you do in case your printer stains the paper? Every user asks himself this question when faces this issue. There are a couple of possible solutions. One of them is to address service center, where you will be assisted in finding and resolving the problem. The second is to try repairing the problem by yourself or at least to find out what’s wrong with your printing buddy. We’ll go with the second one since it is interesting and what is more you will save some money. Continue reading What to do if your printer smudges the paper?

Connecting printers via USB2.0 issues

When first time connected, the printer is not recognized (the system notifies you with “unknown device” message, or it “sees” nothing at all); even if it is recognized it works unstable: prints not a complete page, or some pages fall out from the task, or it goes to “sleep” and doesn’t wake up after (so you need to switch it off and on to make it work), or when you try to print with it, the computer brings out “ErrMsg: Error Writing to LPT1”… Continue reading Connecting printers via USB2.0 issues

History of paper

According to the history, the first paper was made by Cài Lún, Chinese eunuch at Eastern Ho Ti Han Dynasty in AD 105. Most probably mulberry bark was used, and the paper was made using bamboo laths mould.

The most ancient paper preserved was made out of cloth scraps in AD 150. During the first 500 years the paper was produced only in China, but as early as AD 610 production goes to Japan and about AD 750 it reaches central Asia. The paper came to Egypt in AD 800, but the production started only after AD 900. Continue reading History of paper