User manual on cartridge Brother TN-3380 refill

brother-tn-3380-01Company Brother is one more Japanese manufacturer of printing equipment for home and business. Brother printers have their own platform and accordingly own type of toner that is not compatible with other manufacturers. I have an ambiguous attitude to these devices, the difference in the quality and reliability of printers for home and business is too big.

Cartridge brother tn-3380

Printers and MFPs Brother of the budget class have too many shortcomings and miscalculations in the design that I would just throw them in unopened box. But printers and MFPs Brother for business are quite different devices. First of all, the type of toner used for refill is not crucial, and all the parts and consumables have significant margin of safety. Only the paper pick-up rollers work up to 50,000 copies without replacement. ADP blocks in the scanner unlike MFP Samsung and Canon are equipped with paper feed rollers of normal size, which are able to provide uninterrupted stream scanning for a considerable amount of time.

On the counter reset flag gear

Counter reset flag gear brother-tn-3380

Traditionally starter cartridges are not equipped with mechanism for the counter reset and to refill the unit you need to purchase “counter reset flag gear”. New flag gear for counter reset of the new type has little to do with flag gears of previous generation  except the general principle of resetting. As you can see in the picture it is made of three parts but it doesn’t make the process of installation more difficult. The flag gears can be easily bought in each specialized shop, they are not uncommon.

Which toner is better to use for Brother tn-3380

Universal toner of high density Brother® от StaticControl

As I wrote above, the choice of toner is not critical, but don’t use any toners you have with it. Try to apply toner packed by the manufacturer. For instance toners AQC, UniNet, StaticControl. To refill a cartridge you need about 200-250g of toner, depending on the manufacturer.

Refill of the starter cartridge Brother TN-3380

Unscrew two fixing screws
Detach the sidewall from brother-tn-3380

Brother cartridges are easy to refill and the process can be carried out even by the person with no experience in this. To begin with, take the cross head screwdriver and unscrew two screws on the side wall, then extract it. Try to remove the sidewall gently, not to lose the gears.

Extract two gears
Extract the plug and add toner

Important!!! Do not touch the developer roller with your hands (black shaft coated with toner). If you left a fingerprint on it, carefully wipe with a cotton pad. Extract two gears from the cartridge. Take out the plug and pour the remains of waste toner out of cartridge, then fill the unit with new powder.

Set new plug bundled with a counter reset flag gear
Set the gear back, pay attention to the location of the tag on the big gear

Attention now! The old plug shouldn’t be installed back, use new one bundled with a counter reset flag gear. New plug is a part of reset mechanism and is to be installed only in a certain position (see Photo). Then set back two gears. Pay attention to the special tag on the big one, it should be located in the same way as in the photo.

Set the counter reset flag gear
Set the spring and sidewall back

Now set the counter reset flag gear. It should be installed directly on the new plug. After this install the spring and sidewall of the cartridge, fix it with two screws. Thus the refilling can be considered done.

brother-tn-3380-12Of course, from the point of professionals a number of such important things as cleaning of the doctor blade, removal of the waste toner from the feeding shaft, etc. are missed in the manual.  In my defense I would like to say that the article is intended for casual users. And the simpler the guide is – the greater must be the success!

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