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Once again on heating rollers

In printers or copiers teflon (heating) roller plays a decisive role in the quality of printed images. And while some users may not know what is teflon roller and what are its functions, they notice when it is not operable.

fixing-rollerThe main function of teflon roller is continuous fusing process, fixing of toner on paper or fabric. The task seems simple, but it requires qualitative performance, with accurately applied balance, set temperature and for a definite period of time. With the right combination of these factors image is impossible to print without defect. However, a small error in one of two variables can result in blurred images, streaks, double prints or can cause paper jam. In many cases, the cause of the defects is faulty heating roller and it often appears the last checked during the diagnosis of the device unit. Continue reading Once again on heating rollers

Advices on refill of cartridges Samsung and Xerox

Cartridges Samsung and Xerox are mostly interchangeable. What is compatible with cartridges Samsung can be used with units Xerox. The difference is mainly in presence / absence of the chip and various grooves / protrusions on the cartridges housings.


With the release of good high quality toner, refilling of Samsung and Xerox cartridges doesn’t cause any problems and difficulties, but there are a few points worth paying attention to. Continue reading Advices on refill of cartridges Samsung and Xerox

How to refill the cartridge

This article is designed for you to get acquainted with the cartridge filling process. Look at how it’s done and highlight certain things. Do not think of it as a complete instruction or a call for action. Qualitative refilling requires experience!

So, let’s begin with the theory. What is cartridge, what is it for and what the cartridge basic components are.

q2612a-1Cartridge is the main block of laser printer or a multifunction device; it is the “heart’ of the device in some way. It contains the printing powder – the toner, and auxiliary mechanisms, which are taking a part in transferring cartridge toner to the paper. Continue reading How to refill the cartridge

Novice refiller reminder

3d-inkThis article is about basic laser cartridge printing defects, which you might confront while filling the cartridge yourself.

At first you need to take a close look on the cartridge refilling issue. Find a necessary instruction and inspect it. Buy the proper toner. Since you don’t have enough experience, you should better ask an advice from the shop assistant. Specify which one is the most popular, which models the one suits best. Continue reading Novice refiller reminder