Advices on refill of cartridges Samsung and Xerox

Cartridges Samsung and Xerox are mostly interchangeable. What is compatible with cartridges Samsung can be used with units Xerox. The difference is mainly in presence / absence of the chip and various grooves / protrusions on the cartridges housings.


With the release of good high quality toner, refilling of Samsung and Xerox cartridges doesn’t cause any problems and difficulties, but there are a few points worth paying attention to.

First aspect. The cartridge should be cleaned well before the refill, cause refilling through the open plug is not a good idea. These cartridges use non-waste technology, while the waste toner gets back to the chamber. At the same time, paper dust and other litter gets there. All these remains are in the cartridge and subsequently can damage parts of this unit. So before refillingĀ  the cartridge it is necessary to be cleaned out well.

Second aspect. After refilling you will see light stripes along the entire length of the printed sheet. This happens due to the presence of waste toner on the edge of doctor blade. To clean it up, it is necessary to carefully unscrew the blade and to remove the lumps of toner with something not very hard. You can insert a small piece of sandpaper between the blade and shaft and move it along the entire length of the blade. Operating side of the sandpaper should be turned to the doctor blade. This method significantly saves time spent on cartridge refill.

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