Install your Feed Tires properly to get the best performance

rubber-feed-rollerThere’s a mark or an arrow imprinted on the most feed tires with the textured surface, so called “crepe-style” feed tires. It is very important to install them properly, so the imprinted sign (mark or arrow) will point the proper direction of the tire rotation. In certain cases the “proper direction” means that the side where the arrow is, need to face the user; and in the other the arrow should face the rear of the devise you’re printing with.


Tips on how to look after your feed tires

  • Seal your bags tightly until all components are completely installed
  • You should keep your components and details in a dark, dry place, where the temperature is not high, keep it in a cool place.
  • Don’t clean these components with anything but warm, soapy water.

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