Solving problems of starter cartridges TN-2075 and TN-2135/2175 in Brother devices

It is well know that originally Brother manufacturer supplied printers, MFP and  fax machines “fully operational”, staffed with starter original cartridges. Also, it is not a secret that these cartridges have limited using resource. The main feature of starter cartridges that differs them from standard ones is the fact that these comrades are not equipped with the toner reset button. So for the further use and refilling of Brother cartridges you must figure out how the system of resetting message “Replace cartridge” is made and how to proceed on a refilled cartridge.

tn-2135-1In order not to make you, dear reader, bother with obscure material, we will illustrate the foregoing. The top picture shows the standard cartridge. The arrow points to the notorious toner reset button. In the next image we cann se similar starter cartridge which is not eqipped with a toner reset button.

tn-2135-2So, what is necessary to ensure smooth operation of our device equipped with a starter cartridge? To do this, we have to a little “cheat” a soulless piece of iron, simulating the presence of standard cartridge equipped with a necessary button.

To begin with we have to understand how they operate. Standard cartridges are supplied with cocked toner reset buttons as shown in the picture above. When the cartridge is being installed to its rightful place in the printer, the button affects special sensor that is responsible for toner reset, carrying out the counter reset in such a simple way. After this, the button rotating clockwise finds itself in the position illustrated in the third pic. Here, in principle, is the entire ingenuous system, the device is ready to go! In this position the button will be right up until the cartridge runs out of toner, in other words, until the time when the counter sends a signal on the lack of powder.

tn-2135-3Thus, to “resurrect” such a device, it is enough to unscrew three screws and to return the button to the initial position (which we can see in the first photo) and to make the cartridge refill. That’s all, you can safely continue to operate the printer. But the owners of the starter cartridges without the button will experience some extra chores. We are not frightened by the difficulties, so this problem will be also solved. To begin, I want to draw attention to some main points that occur in the process of reset of such consumables.

tn-2135-4Look at the picture: the upper arrow points to the reset sensor of our printed pages counter, middle one to the sensor responsive to the front door closure, and the lower arrow denotes the leash that moves the cartridge rotation drive after closing the door.

tn-2135-5Our machinations on resetting the counter will start with disconnecting the leash from the front door of the printing device. Gently push the lugs, connected with the loop of the front door and slowly push out the leash.

tn-2135-6After this, insert the leash deeper inside the printer, but don’t overdo, you will need it. Deepen the leash just enough to easily reach it afterwards. Bingo! All preparations are succesfully completed, the main steps are still ahead.

Gently combine the toner cartridge (ТN-2075,ТN-2135/75) with drum cartridge (respectively DR-2075 и DR-2175), and run the device.

tn-2135-7Now  arm yourself with a suitable tool (match or screwdriver will be ok) and press the toner reset sensor (which is marked with an arrow in the picture 1). Hold the sensor in such position, recess the leash (arrow 2), if this hadn’t been done before, and press the front cover shutter sensor. The printer will hum and begin busily rotating the gears, which means that the printed pages sensor (arrow 1) can be released. In 3-5 seconds after this release the gauge of the front cover (arrow 3).

Breath, calm the nerves and connect the leash to the loop on the front cover. Close the cover with a victorious movement, exhale with relief and rejoice. Now the insidious counter of printed pages in our cartridge is reset and deceived thereby printer identifies the refilled cartridge as a new one.

The following actions you will have to carry out every time the need to refill the cartridge, not equipped with a toner reset button, arises. I assure, soon you will get hand in it and carry this out in one breath. Good luck to you and your cartridges!

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