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Samsung cartridge refill

samsung-logoThis article will show you the basics of Samsung cartridges refilling process

It is not a call for action by any means. If you are commercial organization representative, we recommend you to address service instead of doing it by yourself. This will save you not only money, but also the time needed to examine the cartridge equipment, finding proper toner and repairing malfunctions that may appear during the refilling process. But, if you are Mr. Fixit, then you will find something interesting here. Continue reading Samsung cartridge refill

Samsung CLX-6260FR selecting toner for refill

samsung-clx-6260frHaving bought CLX-6260FR model, using CLT-K506S/CLT-M506S cartridges, I became familiar with the color Samsung MFPs. The first impression on the device was positive. All the elements that are subject to wear have an increased resource.

Despite the fairly low cost, printer CLX-6260FR is equipped with two-sided scanning module. Mechanism from more productive MFP Samsung SCX-5835FN is used as a basis of DADF module. With regard to printer units, this model is a continuation of Samsung CLX-4195FN generation using cartridges CLT-K504S/CLT-M504S. Continue reading Samsung CLX-6260FR selecting toner for refill

Reset of the “no toner” message in the devices Samsung SCX-4016, SCX-4116, SCX-4216, SCX-4321, SCX-4521

The cartridge is full, but on the indicator there’s the message “no toner”? What to do? How to be? In this small article we will tell you how to solve this problem.

pred_150In devices of these series reset of the message “no toner” is performed by installation of a new fuse in a special groove on a cartridge. The rating of a fuse has to be about 63 мА. At the time of installation of a cartridge with a new fuse, the device finds it, “burns through” and makes reset of the internal counter of pages. Everything is simple and banal. More complicated things begin further. To find a fuse of such rating in sale is quite difficult, and those that you can find not always correspond to rating. And it is the biggest problem. At installation of a fuse of bigger rating, the device can’t “burn through” a fuse and starts swearing on faulty “CRUM”.

Other situation. You have no fuse of such rating, but it’s necessary to print urgently. What you got to do? Continue reading Reset of the “no toner” message in the devices Samsung SCX-4016, SCX-4116, SCX-4216, SCX-4321, SCX-4521