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Brother HL-3140 on toner and flag gears

Brother color printers have always stood apart from other devices produced by other manufacturers. This is no accident. Japanese brand appeared in the market of color printing comparatively recently. Printing platform for its devices was developed from scratch.

Brother HL-3140

Why am I talking about this? Brother printers require special toner and it’s impossible to find relatively compatible toner from other manufacturers. The main reason for this that the toner has charge sign “positive” while the products of the manufacturers have charge sign “negative”. Color printers Kyocera are an exception, but they use two component principle of printing, while color printers Brother one component. Continue reading Brother HL-3140 on toner and flag gears

Solving problems of starter cartridges TN-2075 and TN-2135/2175 in Brother devices

It is well know that originally Brother manufacturer supplied printers, MFP and  fax machines “fully operational”, staffed with starter original cartridges. Also, it is not a secret that these cartridges have limited using resource. The main feature of starter cartridges that differs them from standard ones is the fact that these comrades are not equipped with the toner reset button. So for the further use and refilling of Brother cartridges you must figure out how the system of resetting message “Replace cartridge” is made and how to proceed on a refilled cartridge.

tn-2135-1 Continue reading Solving problems of starter cartridges TN-2075 and TN-2135/2175 in Brother devices

Brother reset (drum counter reset)

The life of a Brother drum cartridge is limited, so at some point you will have to replace it. The device won’t forget to notify you about that «festal» occasion.

brother_panelOften you replace the drum, throw away the package, but the device is still asking you to “replace the drum”. So what to do? The answer for that question hides in that box, where you would find the instruction on how to replace the drum and reset the drum counter. Never say die, the following information will help you with resetting the Brothers’ drum. Continue reading Brother reset (drum counter reset)