Brother reset (drum counter reset)

The life of a Brother drum cartridge is limited, so at some point you will have to replace it. The device won’t forget to notify you about that «festal» occasion.

brother_panelOften you replace the drum, throw away the package, but the device is still asking you to “replace the drum”. So what to do? The answer for that question hides in that box, where you would find the instruction on how to replace the drum and reset the drum counter. Never say die, the following information will help you with resetting the Brothers’ drum.

Now, just a few words about drum cartridge resources. Your device was printing just fine a minute ago and now it’s asking you to replace the drum? What should you do? Go buy a new one or maybe prolong the life of an old one? Both of the options have the subsistence right. But don’t ever forget that should you reset the “replace the drum” message you won’t be physically able to prolong drums’ life, you will just postpone the purchase of a new one, which is not as bad, since the remaining life of a cartridge could be up to 50% or more.

Now, let’s begin the drum counter reset. Almost all Brother devices have the same procedure for drum reset.

For printers:

– Turn the device on, open the front lid

– Press and hold the “go” button for 4 seconds, till you see all indicators light up. When they do, you can let go the button.

– Than you need to open the front lid and make sure that Drum indicator is off.

For multifunction devices you may try these combinations:

Option 1:

– Turn the device on, open the front lid

– Press the “options” button on the device front panel

– When you’ll see the “Replace the Drum?” message, press “1” or the up arrow

– Than you’ll see “accepted”, and after that you can close the front lid

Option 2:

– When the device is switched on, open the front lid

– Press the “Clear/Back” button, and after you’ll see the “Replace the Drum?” text, press “1”

– After you see the “accepted” sign, you can close the front lid

Option 3 (radical)

– When the device is off, press the “Menu” button

– That turn the device on, wait till you see the display and indicators “fax”, “scan”, “copy” start blinking.

– Press “81”, you’ll see the “Reset Drum Count” message

– Press “start”, the “Reset Life Count” message will appear

– Press “start” once again

– To exit the service menu you dial “96” (or “98”, or “99”)

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